Saturday, February 8, 2020

Process Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Process - Essay Example Furthermore, to make the point clear, acquiring the pleasure of drinking doesn’t happen instantly, let alone alcoholism. According to Research professor of Psychology Dr. Goldman, there is â€Å"Information stored in memory that prepares people for the circumstances they encounter.† (Children’s images of alcohol, This memory is known as expectancies which functions automatically and saves thoughts and experiences directly into our subconscious minds. Dr. Goldman further explained that according to studies, â€Å"Children begin to acquire alcohol expectancies at a very young age† which yield negative reactions to the substance at first until such time that he strongly emphasized the position that, â€Å"by fifth and sixth grade, these expectancies turn positive, focusing on the arousing and positive effects of alcohol use.† The use of alcohol generally from fifth to sixth grade not only stops there, it naturally serves as a t hreshold to even bigger problem areas. NIAA studied that by the time eighth grade steps in, so does the habit of â€Å"binge† drinking increase, which eventually leads to alcoholism upon reaching adulthood. (2003) Alcohol expectancies turn positive through the hundreds of researches that explain the different factors leading to a young child’s exposure to drinking. The top three are: familial exposure, self risk factors and the ever popular peer pressure. Genetics on the other hand also â€Å"play[s] a role in the development of alcoholism, [but that] this is a disease in which other factors more strongly influence its occurrence.† (Alcohol and Teens. Family exposure is one of these influences. Under-supervised children, family arguments and parental history of drinking all affect the child’s alcohol preferences. There is also the individual factor in which the person may have low coping management and deal with stress and other unfavorable events by drinking.

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